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Choose Submit to The Lascaux Review to have your story, poems (up to five), or creative nonfiction considered for publication in the online journal. Poems should be pasted into a single document. Payment is $100.

Choose Lascaux Prize in Collected Poetry to enter a poetry collection in the $1000 collected poetry contest.

Choose Lascaux Prize in Flash Fiction to enter up to three stories in the $1000 flash fiction contest.


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Should I leave my name off the submission?

That's up to you. It doesn't make any difference to us.

How long does it take to hear back from a regular submission?

We try to keep the response time under one month.

Where do you post contest winners?

You'll be notified one way or another via email; make sure Submittable is on your safe list. Winners and finalists are announced at lascauxreview.com/contest-results and elsewhere.

How long does it take?

That's a little trickier. Since all readers are volunteers, the job gets done when it gets done. Our goal is to wrap things up within three months of the closing date of a contest.

Any advice?

When submitting multiple poems or flash pieces, always present your best stuff first.

Please visit the Submissions Page for guidelines. This category is for stories, poems (submit up to five, in a single document), and creative nonfiction intended for the online journal (not for a contest). Payment is $100. If you have any problems submitting write to Steve at lascauxreview at gmail dot com.

Ends on March 31, 2018$10.00
Submit up to three stories, each no longer than 1,000 words. They may be previously published or unpublished, and simultaneous submissions are accepted. Winner receives $1,000, a bronze medallion, and publication in The Lascaux Review. The winner and all finalists will be published in the annual print anthology.

Two copies of the anthology will be supplied to every writer appearing in it. Entry fee is $10. Writers may enter more than once. All genres and styles are welcome. If submitting more than one story, please paste them into a single document.

Contest participants receive free downloads of the prize anthologies published to date. Instructions are provided in the submission confirmation.

Deadline for entries is 31 March. For more information, or to report a problem, write to Steve at lascauxreview at gmail dot com.

Entry fees are dedicated entirely to prize money and operating expenses. Editors, judges, and other staff at The Lascaux Review and its sister sites are unpaid volunteers.